Yukkuri FoxMask

Yukkuri FoxMask is a yukkuri (pastry being) made up of....pastry and is based off FoxMask and what else, yukkuri. It has been used by several users before, but was created by ShodaiGoro by default.


Yukkuri FoxMask doesn't really have a personality and speaks in yukkuri-esque dialogue.


The Yukkuri FoxMask presumably appeared in some earlier joke RPs in the past, but were not sure. Yukkuri FoxMask notably appeared in an RP however in where he bugged the real FoxMask for a bit before then waddling off. He has never been seen again.


  • Flight: With the wings on him, he could fly for a little bit.


  • Weak: Like most yukkuri, Yukkuri FoxMask isn't that strong. However, since he was never shown being killed in any of the joke RPs, it's not known how easy he was to kill.


  • This existed.
    • This existed?
      • This existed.

Yukkuri FoxMask's original design (Goro feels sick just looking at it)

  • He was designed by ShodaiGoro himself. The original design bares a resemblance to his Vampire form (which is heavily considered to be an Old Shame to him), but was replaced with one reflecting his current form very soon after his discovery of this page, as he'd rather forget Vampire FoxMask was a thing. As should you.
  • He is reportedly is filled with Chocolate Black Cherry Gelatin.
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