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Wilhelm the Blob

Wilhelm the Blob (Originally called Blobba) was a joke character and one of WZRP's earliest joke characters. He was a freakish blob like creature who died in most of his appearances. His age and species remain unknown and probably will stay that way. He also has an extreme dislike for Venonat. He also was extremely weak and quite unintelligent. He also 'LOVES 'cheese sandwiches. He could also reproduce with any object. He was permanently killed on August the 17th 2015 and is now a resident of Hell forever. He was used and conceptualized by StayPuftMarshmellowman.  

While he remains dead, he does have a Spirtual Successor of sorts known as N.I.G.E.L.  


  • His name is a clear reference to the Wilhelm scream.
  • He was killed off due to Stay thinking he got boring later on.
  • There was also a one-time character named Howie the Blob who appeared briefly in RP.