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The WZRPNarok, or simply the end of wikizilla roleplay wiki is a prophecy that will happen when the World Bureaucraft also known as ShodaiGoro or simply, the World Shodai unwraps himself around chat (when he leaves chat for more that an hour).

So what happens in there?

As the pretty creative (YES IT IS OK!) name suggests and if you noobs (yes you are, YOU ALWAYS WILL BE!) don't know about Norse Mythology, it's the end of the world, precisely the end of the WZRP universe. It happens when the mighty World Bureaucraft (i'll call our lad World Shodai now, cause it's easier) unwraps himself around the chat (when he leaves chat for more than an hour). The World Shodai will then enter a fight against the mighty Doge and the result of this fight will be a devastating battle and the World Shodai will succumb to the mighty Doge's power but sadly, the mighty god Doge will succumb to the Shrek and KoDeibu poison that the World Shodai has injected upon him. The next battle will involve the Allfather (Skeleturtle) fighting his disciple (MechaZero101) and his disciple's former master (DarthShiro), Gallibon the Destroyer and Krazar. Skeleturtle will then succumb to the powerful memes of the gang and die, not before unleashing a mighty blast of total meme energy that nearly kills all the gods. The heroes survive this, despite being wounded and major plot twist, the world has survived as the World Shodai's meme essence has helped to revive and protect it against the blast.

What happens after

Not much is known what happens after this event, the heroes probably live peaceful lives and life as we know it takes it's natural course.