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Hello fellow Wikians! I am gojiratheking, you may know me as the creator of Darth senate, and an Bureaucrat at this joke roleplay wiki (It's really just an fancy title in this wiki, anyway..). I'm one of the many users across Wikia's Network of wikis, I Simply read/write articles to the wikis (Yes, that computer-related pun was very, very intentional), posting on forums, making blogs and the like. If You ever need me, contact me on my message wall!

My Friends

Not in any order

  • Gallibon the Destroyer (My best friend)
  • Lord Ghetsis
  • Yeti4days
  • Gojiratheking106
  • Spinosaurus999
  • Ocean7447
  • Johnosfirewalker
  • Supernerd295
  • Magara M&M
  • Ebirah766
  • TFFTP.


I have A interest in...

  • PC gaming
  • Nintendo gaming
  • wiki page designing
  • Roleplay
  • And The liking.

Favorite movies

In order.

  • The return of the jedi
  • Godzilla resurgence
  • The empire strikes back
  • Godzilla mothra king ghidorah Giant monsters all attack
  • Men in black
  • Wall-E
  • Dr. Strange
  • Kong Skull island
  • James bond
  • Star wars The phantom menace

Favorite games

In order.

  • Empire at war:Forces of corruption
  • Jedi knight Jedi outcast
  • Godzilla save the earth
  • Lego star wars The complete saga
  • Nascar 2005
  • Star wars episode III Revenge of the sith
  • Gears of war 2
  • Disney infinity 3.0
  • Minecraft
  • Super mario bros. 2 (USA)

Things I hate

In order.

  • Anime (Partially)
  • Windows 8 (Partially)
  • TBA