Universe 515.11.2 was part of The Joke RPVerse and was where the Neo Empire Arc exists. It was Originally Part of the main, Serious RPVerse, but It was turned into a Separate timeline, kicked out of the main RPVerse and turned into A Alternate timeline of the joke rpverse's Universe 515 due to how bad it was. A Notable Feature of it was that Villains suddenly got stronger one day, getting even more stronger the next. It was argued The Villains nearly won and took over earth there, atleast figuratively because of how OP They became. It existed on the border-edge of the joke RPVerse Universe-515's timeline barrier, A Barrier that prevents alternate timelines of A Universe from merging or meeting. Of Course, unlike when it was in the serious RPVerse where them taking over was only figuratively, shortly after it became A Timeline of the Joke Universe-515 they literally took over, proving that they were more then enough to take over the planet and the whole universe (Atleast, in their timeline.) - They were going to continue to A "Dark Millennium" as all of them threatened, but they were destroyed following them attempting to leave their timeline of Joke Universe-515, and enter the other timelines since somehow they broke their part of the timeline barrier, which drew the attention of the meme god trio. Darth Senate, SANESSS, and Red God Ty-dawg all atomized them and shot A Single Beam destroying their timeline.

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