The great prophecy of the Magikarps also known as TGOTM is an even that happens every thousand years or so.

What the fuck ever happens in there Shiro?

Well, two pokemon (slave) trainers (one male and one female) duke it out, they have only two pokemons each, two horny Arcanines and two Magikarps. What happens is that the horny Arcanines are well....horny and go do well....horny stuff, then only the Magikarps are left. They both have learned only Splash and then.....they pronounce these words:

"It seems we shall not know the ending of this battle as we are....too equally matched."


"Wanna watch the Arcanines?"


"Stop saying indeed."


"Ok....let us watch Arcanine reproduction then."


The trainers also have some kinky fun in the bushes, this event happens in a thousand years and is unique and unexplained....

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