The Ultimate Great Spam War

The Ultimate Great Spam War was an event/war/spamming that was done from May 11th, 2018.

The Event

It was a slow night on Friday 11th, 2018. DarthShiro19 had just entered and Krazar77 was bored. While Mandolore Shepard began saying "hmmm" other users then began to say the same thing, only longer and more spammed. It got to the point where Gojiratheking and Krazar then began spamming it to each other and then Gallibon the Destroyer got involved, doing a Gojiran-esque "AAAAAGH" spamming. However, Gojiran was there and it provoked him to then do the same. Everybody ran for their lives before then the massive spam war began. As Gojiran was going "AAAAAAAAAAH!!!" in all big, bright golden letters, Krazar went "PRAISE BELIAL" and Gallibon went "AAAAGH!!!" in big red letters. Others either hid in their PM bunkers or also spammed. It dragged on for a few more minutes before then finally ending with a big long chat and everybody recovering from the laggy fallout.


  • Gojiran
  • DarthShiro19
  • Gallibon the Destroyer
  • Krazar77
  • Mandolore Shepard
  • Gojiratheking
  • ShodaiGoro (away)


The Ultimate Great Spam War was ultimately positively recieved. It was so well recieved it was then requested to be added here by multiple users.



  • The title was coined up by all Shiro, Gallibon and Gojiratheking.
  • This was fun.
  • Like most events, this was done as a big joke.
  • The Ultimate Great Spam War is probably one of the few spam wars to be recorded.
  • The Term "PM Bunker" was coined up by gojiratheking right before it began, as he knew what was about to happen.
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