The End Tournament

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The End Tournament is a tournament said to be held by the Gods in order to find the strongest warrior.

How it happens

A few writings foretold the defeat of Blue Devil Np-Catt and her mind controlled power by the WZRP Nation. Power would meet up with Skeleturtle and Darth Senate, and hold a tournament to find out who the strongest warrior is. Red God Ty-Dawg would also participate. The winner was to be given one wish from the Super Dragon Balls, no matter what it is.


The tournament has two phases and two winners, the first consists of organized 1v1 battles, and the second phase is an all out battle royale on a massive stage. Killing is not allowed, and if the timer runs out, the warrior with the most eliminations wins in the second phase.


The winner gets a wish from Super Shenron, and then they go hope or something I guess.


  • This is inspired by the Tournament of Power from Dragon Ball Super.
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