The Stupid Death Star, Also Known as The Dumb Star, is A Superweapon that has the exact opposite firepower as The Death Star with the exception of Single Reactage Beams fired from the Superlaser. It's home to where Darth Senate organizes projects across the multiverse, usually absurd projects of questionable value or reason. It has Incompetent Staff, Rubbish Pilots and the worst marksmen in The Milky Way. Unlike The Original Death Star that it is A Complete and Utter bootleg of, it's Superlaser goes in all sorts of directions, seeming to ignore how it's designed and how the beams are supposed to be aligned. Needless to say, it has very little quality control. Also, the incompetent staff seemingly don't care about liability and just cover and disregard  every accident AND incident as someone spilling their coffee. Another difference is that this version goes 9999x the speed of light, and can travel the entire multiverse. It has helped Darth Senate destroy many things, because why put effort when you can have A Spaceship do it for you?

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