The logo that was used for the prank.

SAO RP Wiki Prank was a controversial prank event that was created by Gojiran103 and Thegoldnguy during late August 2016 in where the wiki was "changed" to be a Sword Art Online wiki for a day.

The Event

"This is now the SAO RolePlay Wiki. All hail our glorious detective/hacker/harem owner Kirito."

The SAO RP Wiki prank was created by Thegoldnguy and Gojiran103 as a big prank similar to the Scare Tactic Apocalypse. The prank was kept secret and was hyped up to be something very important, but so important, that they couldn't tell anyone what it was. Cue the day on August 16th, 2016; where the prank was unveiled finally, complete with a brand new and unique background and colors and new logo. There was even a new account made by Gojiran known as TrueKirito134 to act as an admin and bureaucrat for this new wiki. However, the prank ended up only lasting two hours of it's intended day-long prank due to negative reception as listed below.


Reactions to the prank were almost unanimously negative, with the biggest criticisms being that it being hyped up as important came off as dishonest, the big joke of it all being very unfunny, the bright blue color used for the new colors of the SAO RP wiki being too bright and straining on the eyes and just being SAO-based of all things. StayPuftMarshmellowMan even wrote a joke page made in protest against the SAO RP wiki. While the prank was cancelled two hours in, WZRP wasn't officially fixed until seven hours later. So far, there has yet to be another prank done like the SAO RP wiki again.


"This is now the SAO RolePlay Wiki. All hail our glorious detective/hacker/harem owner Kirito."

"Hello! Welcome to Sword Art Online Roleplay Wiki, where it's all about SAO itself! Formerly WZRP or Wikizilla Role Play Wiki, it has gone through a change that involved SAO material, and it has been agreed upon us to change the wiki entirely for a positive outlook. I am TrueKirito134, the Co-Chairman, and formerly Gojiran103. Please enjoy your stay!"


  • Ironically, SAO (or at least most of the chars) did used to have a major role of sorts on WZRP during late 2014 and 2015.
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