Ronan Beezlebub himself. Be very afraid (for all the wrong reasons).

Ronan Beezlebub is an infamous Gary Stu from the notorious NSFW in-Name only Naruto fanfic, Naruto Veangance Revelaitons. Now we can't talk about most of the stuff he did or the story itself as it is too NSFW and creepy; and he did things that we can't talk about but were getting of-topic here; Ronan Beezlebub was a joke character used by ShodaiGoro (albeit mockingly) during early 2016.


Ronan Beezlebub was a creep Gary Stu who was apparently 13 years old from America and believes himself to be a great singer, martial artist and ladiesman (really more of a seducter if anything.) However he is actually very repulsive and perverted, as well as a complete psychopath; wanting to have sex with any female character, become king of the ninjas and swears a lot. He also hates modern music, to the point he'll kill people simply for liking modern music. Despite being a monster, people forgive and praise him easily in the story. We have no idea why either.


Ronan Beezlebub appeared in a few joke RPs to harrass the female characters only to be killed a lot. He was finally killed of for real however when Gamoni blasted her Plasma Beam towards his head, decapitating him. Unlike other joke characters, he has never returned and will most likely stay dead.


  • Singing: At least, so he thinks so. He actually isn't.
  • Martial Arts: Again, he claims to be this.
  • Eye Beams: Who has eye beams that he can shoot out from his eyes.
  • Blue Fire Breath: In one of his forms, he can shoot out a deadly (and we say that as a figure of speech) stream of blue flames from his mouth.
  • Resurrection: Ronan Beezlebub had limited resurrection powers because OPness.
  • Aaaaaaand were going to stop there.


  • What have I done.
  • Ronan Beezlebub is similar to Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, in which he's a shit protagonist of fan-fiction that has NOTHING to do with it's source material.
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