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The Wielder Of the Staff

Power is a Founder God and a RP character used by MechaZero101.



He's the one of the first beings to ever exist,The Founder Gods.


He found himself in a white vast space,he met Red God Ty-Dawg and Darth Senate,he created the Memeland and Ty-Dawg created earth,they all went to the meeting room,where they discussed their ideas,Power went to create Foodtopia so that he can bring food for the trio,Ty-Dawg told Power that he dosen't trust him,and Darth Senate agreed,so he went to the corner of the universe and started cruing,his tears made the multiverse expand in size eternally,he then heard a voice saying "i like you!",he turned around and saw a talking formless cloud,the cloud convinced him to try and destroy the multiverse to look cool and he would be liked by the others,unknown to him,that was Blue Devil Np-Catt,and that was the first sin,he had tried to destroy the multiverse,only to be stopped by the others,Red God Ty-Dawg and Darth Senate agreed to punish him,by banishing him outside the multiverse,and transfer his powers to SANESSS,but he had sworn to comeback as found in The Prophecy of the Meme.


He is very sensitibe,and goofy,wanting to make friends and make great realms,his intelligence is average for a god,and can be deceived rather easily,but he is a caring and powerful god.


Looks like the silver surfer lol.


  • Creation Powers: He can create almost anything.
  • Flight: Either on his HoverBoard or normally.
  • Teleportation: He is capable of teleportation.
  • White Blasts: Can shoot out Blasts of pure divine energy.
  • The Divine Staff: He is the wielder of the devine staff which channels his energy to create and erase,it can also turn into anything,hence the hoverboard.

Resurrected Power

  • Fiery Blasts: Can fire Fiery blasts stronger than thr White Blasts.
  • Napalm Breath: He can breathe Fire from his mouth.
  • Heat Ray: He can shoot out a heat ray from his eyes.
  • Pyromancy: He can control fire.

Realms Created



Races Created