Minigun Amazon was a thing that existed.


After Kamen Rider Amazon Omega finished killing off the Hick Amazon within breaking and entering some generic villain base, Minigun Amazon was then sent in and fired some bullets in the air, only then to get quickly killed by Kamen Rider Amazon Omega himself. The RP pretty much ended after that.




  • Bullets: Due to his head being a minigun, he could fire out many bullets from his head. How much damage they COULD do is debatable though, given he was reportedly a holographic clone.
  • High Narm Levels: Minigun Amazon can bring down shame to his source material and pretty much everyone in general just by his mere existence.
  • Breaking Logic: A power he and Hick Amazon share.


  • Incredibly Weak: Minigun Amazon couldn't fight for shit, so he died in combat within seconds.


  • He was so bad he became a meme and is still mocked to this day.
  • Minigun Amazon and his RP was listed as #1 on Gallibon the Destroyer's list for Top 20 WORST GyaosKing RPs Ever. Ouch.
  • Ironically there would be a Kamen Rider Amazon who would appear with a minigun for a weapon within the Amazons movie, though he has nothing to do with this take and is far less narmtastic (and overall better in every way).
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