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M.O.R.O.N.S. (which stands for Magnificent Oppressive Righteous Omnicidal Nefarious Supervillains) is a group of (the cheapest) supervillains known to man all gathered up to cause godmodding or be evil. However, they are mainly seen as more of a nuisance of anything.


Not much is known about the formation of the group, but apparently these supervillains all got together and decided to make a supervillain group because they hate peace and everything good. Other than that, their intentions are very vague and generic, and they want to take over the world to make them look cool, despite the fact that they wouldn't know what to do with it afterwards. They all get together in a top secret base which is sometimes either in any big city, like say Chicago or New York City or under the sea or on the Moon. It's possible their HQ is just some giant ship, but who cares?

They all have this board room where they come up with their big plans, talk and exposit, eat food or watch what's going on. They also tend to be anywhere they want to be and everywhere, so as such, they are mostly seen as very annoying to deal with.


  • Blue Doctor - The leader of the group and the most obnoxious godmodder of them all.
  • Triple Question Mark - The second-in command of the group (though he always complains that he should have gotten leadership) and is super mysterious.
  • Dakka Knight - Former Sue-Hunter turned evil for the lolz.
  • Equinoxer - A supposedly immensely powerful entity who is utterly complex that we can't explain it (also he constantly tries to takeover leadership from Blue Doctor, but never works.)
  • Tamai Wasau - An alien film director who is terrible at film-making and....that's pretty much it.

Former Members

  • Hydra of Stupidity - He was found out and reported, thus they lost him.
  • Superfluous Man - He was utterly pointless, so he was kicked out.
  • Expendable Man - Died in battle right away. He will be missed by all because of how much of a great character he was.


  • They are meant to be a parody of bad RP villains and villain groups in general.
  • Some of them are parodies of Ceoxal or GyaosKing485 villains, with the obvious exception of Tamai Wasau and the former members.
  • Originally their name was going to be just some generically evil villain group name, but Gallibon thought up of the name "M.O.R.O.N.S." just to be funny.
  • Originally they were going to be led by some other villain named as "The Godmodder" but Gallibon thought he just wasn't that funny and simply made Blue Doctor the leader.
  • They suck.