Hydra of Stupidity is a hydra-supervillain and a joke RP character conceptualized and used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Hydra of Stupidity is...well, stupid. He likes to cause harm, mischief and distrust towards everyone and likes to annoy people. Whenever he is found out, he'll stay dead for a while, but then come back weeks later and act as if he's a completely different guy at first, but then get careless and act the same as he did before, never seeming to learn and then gets banned again; repeat. So all in all, Hydra of Stupidity is a pest.


Hydra of Stupidity is a hydra that lurks around certain parts and pops up once to cause madness and trolling on sites. He is usually easy to defeat, yet keeps coming back sometime later. However, little does Hydra of Stupidity know that he can't keep this sharade up forever....


  • Sockpuppet Regrowth: When a sockpuppet head is destroyed/banned, a new one will grown in place.
  • Distrust Inducement: Because Hydra of Stupdity keeps coming back, he can also induce other people to start distrusting each other and make other people believe they are sockpuppets too.
  • Slight Differences: Hydra of Stupidity acts slightly different from his previous forms all the time (but he's terrible at acting undercover, so he's easy to discover after a little while.)


  • Stupidity: True to his name, Hydra of Stupidity is very dumb and is often prone to giving himself away when undercover, thus making it easy to kill him.
  • Weak: Hydra of Stupidity is incredibly weak and can get destroyed very easily (but somehow he always comes back as a new sockpuppet, unless you kill him for good.)


  • Hydra of Stupidity's name was thought up of by Ty-Dawg.
  • Hydra of Stupidity is meant to be a parody of the Hydra from Greek mythology and sockpuppets in general.
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