Hick Amazon was another thing that existed.


When Kamen Rider Amazon Omega broke and entered some generic villains base, he punched some cloning tube computer thing whatever and it scanned him, causing it to create this guy. Hick Amazon said some insult at Kamen Rider Amazon Omega and prepared to fight, only for Kamen Rider Amazon Omega to finish him within seconds. However he wouldn't be the crinigest thing coming up next...


He spoke like a stereotypical redneck, so we can assume he also acted the part too.


  • Threats: Pretty much his only notable trait/power/skill he displayed.
  • Low Narm Levels: Hick Amazon was stupid, but at least he wasn't as cringy as his successor clone. Probably the nicest thing that can be said about him.
  • Breaking Logic: A power both he and Minigun Amazon share.


  • Incredibly Weak: Hick Amazon couldn't fight for shit, so he died in combat within seconds.


  • While not nearly as memetic as Minigun Amazon, he too is also mocked to this day and is considered an outright laughable concept, albeit just not as bad as Minigun Amazon.
  • Gallibon the Destroyer commonly jokes that he prefers Hick Amazon over the "vastly overrated" Minigun Amazon.
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