Hello, Noobs. You all may have seem Dr Andonuts, Vriska and Sans all got their own megalovania versions. DO YOU WANT ONE TOO? THEN FOLLOW THESE *TOTALLY NOT SCAM* STEPS IN ORDER TO OBTAIN A MEGALOVANIAA:

The Steps

  1. Smile
  2. Have A Weird left Eye. Not, like A Different Color from the other one, there needs to be some symbolism or some shit like that. Something like glasses over your pupils, Eye with A Symbol, or flashing eye.
  3. Okay, then after THOSE are done, you'll want to find the person YOU ABSOLUTELY HATE with A Passion, and want to kill. You should generally criticise all the actions they've done, or express hatred towards them for their actions (usually just to kill you). Then you get REEEALLLLY PISSED. LIKE, ALL CAPS AND JUST TELLING THEM TO FUCK OFF ALL AROUND AND THAT YOU ARE THE FUCKING UNIVERSE.
  4. You need to make it so the battle's really rough even those you are stated to be weak as balls
  5. Have A Terrible Flaw about yourself, A Hatred of the one you're playing megalovania against so hard you're basically unrecognizble. Self-loathing so strong, that you decide that it may be A Good Idea to direct it at other people, and drives you off the rails enough to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Oh, While if you want to be deemed A "Hero" doing all this which you can be, you are objectively not A Good Person if you have/need Megalovania to play as you kick ass.. 
  6. Have Lots of Edgy Lines about timelines/universes..
  7. Be Such A Threat you are fucking the multiverse up, or just trying to prevent someone from destroying your single universe, that works too I guess...
  8. Keep your hands in your pocket, or your hips. Either One Works
  9. Maybe just install sony vegas or Imovie for this crap
  10. Have Bones
  12. Continue Ranting even while dodging and fighting
  13. Make People rage everytime you fight them
  14. Have the battle kill Trolls
  15. Spam Projectiles
  16. Consequence of you losing the battle is on A High Level
  17. Shove the guy you hate's head so far up their ass they'll be singing beethoven when they shit
  18. KICK ASS, But only when the guy you are fighting has killed everything else so you have to do it but by then it's too late
  19. somehow lose anyway despite getting so powerful

Unless you are mother Cognitive dissonance style of megalovania, In Which case some of these are not applicable

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