The Saga in which Gyaosking joined the wiki. It lasted for 150 Episodes (Like maybe 8 without all the filler) before moving onto the next saga. It is one of the more notoriously controversial sagas compared to others, mainly due to him directly insulting moderators, fanbases, gyaosking going silent in the mist of A Battle, constant invasions and gyaos instructing users to kill themselves. Most of this happened before, but not at the level gyaosking made it, resulting in it's controversial status. It's theorized by Gojira that Gyaosking was trying to takeover the RPVerse in this saga.

Key Events

  • Gyaosking Joins the wiki, bringing his army of demonic plagarists (Doomguy, Fake Godmodding Todd Howard and Bionic Gyaos being the most prominent example) to destroy it.
  • False Necromza is sent by Gyaosking to attack San Diego.
  • Gyaos sends The Boss to invade another dimension. The Boss fails, being destroyed by the rilah of the other dimension.
  • The Sun from Teletubbies attacks Gyaos with it's lights, making Gyaos complain.
  • Fake Godmodding Todd Howard is removed from the RPVerse by Gallibon
  • Memeland is destroyed by Doomguy
  • Gyaosking and DoomGuy instruct Mechazero101 to kill himself, resulting in Gyaos being destroyed by the moderators and The Demonic Plagarists getting killed by Red God Ty-Dawg's forces.
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