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Gagggo was a member of Vennos's group of villain kaiju and was presumably a joke character of sorts. He was "conceptualized" and used by GyaosKing485.


Gagggo was an incredibly unintelligent monster and spoke in all lower-case all the time and was very eager to help takeover cities. Not much else is known about him other than that, but he was supposedly funny or important, given how the gang treat him like.


Gagggo first appeared towards the end of the now retconned Bionic Gyaos RP where he was seen roaring along with the other alien thugs. Later on, he went to attack some city on his own and fought off some Kamen Rider and army tanks, and he tried to use his ultimate attack on them, which was simply punching them in the face really hard. Naturally, he didn't last long and got rekt in less than six minutes or less.

Gagggo reappeared when he and Vennos's gang appeared to takeover simply just walking into there and putting up no struggle whatsoever. Gagggo acted as reporter of sorts and was later killed by Gildefrum when Vennos's gang refused to leave.

Yet somehow despite being dead, he still was occasionally mentioned or spoken of, as in the (also now retconned) NYC Takeover RP, the alien thugs and NYC Prisoners were seen making a statue of him out of gold and Gagggo himself was later seen in Hell doing whatever. Either way, he's most likely retconned though, give the status of other GyaosKing characters.


  • Flames: Gagggo could shoot out flames from his arms.
  • "Punching You In The Face Really Fucking Hard": Gagggo's (supposed) ultimate attack which would do as the title says. It's not the least bit effective.


"eat shit" ~ Gagggo to the Kamen Rider he faced


  • Wtf is he even.
  • Gagggo is more or less a prototype version of the TV Skeleltons, possessing similar annoying traits.
  • Gaggo's lines were stolen from other jokes, most infamously the "eat shit" line which was taken directly from ShodaiGoro's Dex Dogtective jokes.