Following The Events of  WZRPNarok 2.0, FoxMask had his funeral post his suicide. You heard us right, FoxMask FUCKING DIES. Anyway, Vernonn and his idiot friends show up and ruin the whole thing in the end.

FoxMask's suicide

(That sounds like A Particular creepypasta I know...) FoxMask commited suicide after footage of his Loss to Vernonn in the MUGEN Training Room (which is now A Vernonn Museum) was leaked on the internet via Gojiratheking getting random security footage. The Footage of the defeat surfaces onto the BBC network, resulting in it getting viral and A Trending #Vernonnisbetterthenfoocksmesk hashtag.

Unable to take the embarassment, FoxMask commits Sepuku with A Cardboard knife, then falls off A Building while bleeding out. Everyone told him not to do it prior to that, but it was too late.

What the hell happened THIS TIME?

So The Nocturnes and Shadowbloods decide to have A Funeral for FoxMask, With Mr Krabs playing the world's smallest violin in memorial. All The Nocturnes and Shadowbloods (including pre-reboot timeline nocturnes that were shadowbloods prior to the reset - WHICH MEANS TWO OF EACH NOCTURNE) were just staring down at FoxMask's grave, but then suddenly you know who rises from the ground behind FoxMask's grave just when you think he wouldn't show up. He Fakes Remorse for FoxMask's death, despite him literally saying "HEY FUCKERS" right before. Then Vernonn tries to play A Song for the memorial, but the remorse turned out to be A Prank cuz duh as suddenly the rest of The L.O.S.E.R.S showed up and played their cover of Moskau. The Whole thing was ruined with FlamingoMask from the post reboot timeline telling them that they ruined the whole thing. Unable to take the cringe, all the shadowbloods and nocturnes leave. In the end, what was once A Funeral and Memorial for FoxMask turned into A Victory celebration for The L.O.S.E.R.S

After that, the cover the L.O.S.E.R.S did of Mosaku becomes the national anthem of the universe because Vernonn who is now the universe's ruler said so.


"change da world

my final message. Goodbye" - Foxmask's last words


before the moskau cover vernonn and the L.O.S.E.R.S did, the funeral music was the windows 95 startup effect.



Dschinghis Khan - Moskau 1979

Live footage of the funeral

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