The Fluffy Guys

The Fluffy Guys are two joke RP characters and are used by Gallibon the Destroyer. They were also some of his earliest joke characters and are one of the few joke characters who are not made up.


Both Fluffy Guys personalities are very random and somewhat interchangeable, as they both have the same goal which is to entertain the audience. They appear to very aware of the fourth wall and are also aware that they are just cartoons.


The two Fluffy Guys mainly appear in crack RPs where they partake in bizzarre and and zany antics in order to gain interest or humor the audience, however they have shown up in actual RPs, meaning that they are real.

The two Fluffy Guys also showed up for Hothead TV, where in their segment Hothead was a guest star (which Hothead didn't recall signing up for this part). The two Fluffy Guys then proceeded to do their random antics, such as a turning into bananas and eggs. Confused, Hothead left, ending the weird segment. They also appeared to bug BirthGoji once, but then quickly took off.

Their current whereabouts are unknown at this point of time, but their probably still out there, doing wacky stuff or even watching you. They are also friendly with the gods of the joke multiverse, due to their funny antics apparently.


  • The Fluffy Guys come from two Don Hertzfeldt's shorts Rejected and The Animation Show.
  • The Fluffy Guys theme is "Bjällerklang" a Swedish Christmas song.
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