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Equinoxer is a deadly being of supposed immense power. While being a supervillain (and constantly sides and is friendly with supervillains) he claims not to be one, but rather a bringer of "balance" and "peace". Riiiiiiiiiight. Anywho, he is a joke RP character conceptualized and used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Equinoxer is a very contradicting "villain". He claims to be a bringer of justice, peace and balance, but constantly contradicts that by often siding/defending/freeing/saving obviously evil villains all the time, claiming that letting villains live is preserving balance and keeping peace. Meanwhile, he has no qualms about killing any heroes who stand in his way, but tells them that it's all about keeping "balance".

He also doesn't like Blue Doctor much for some reason and tries to overthrow him, but always fails.


Equinoxer is a mysterious entity with an even more---OKAY, let's not sugarcoat anything here; Equinoxer is much like the other M.O.R.O.N.S. in where he goes around and commits crime, only he claims to be keeping balance and peace as an excuse. When it comes to facing the heroes, he will either try to kill them or runaway (especially if it's somebody like FoxMask or somebody famous) just to save his hide. He's also not very likeable.

Abilities & Arsenal

  • BFS: Equinoxer is armed with a giant sword that's bigger than a mountain. How he carries it around is not really explained, unless he turns giant.
  • Levitation: Equalitzer can hover and float around in the air.
  • Size Change: Equinoxer can turn his size into a ridiculously giant size (just so he can be bigger than everybody else.)
  • Titanium Arms: Equinoxer's arms are made up of some liquid metal titanium that he can use to shift his arms and make into weapons.
  • Element Manipulation: Equinoxer has control over EVERY element and can even make brand news ones!
  • Enhanced Intelligence: Equinoxer is the smartest of the M.O.R.O.N.S......not that it's really saying much.
  • Balance: Equinoxer keeps talking about restoring balance, whatever he believes it is.
  • Pretentiousness: Equinoxer is incredibly pretentious to the point it hurts.
  • Dimensional Travel: Equinoxer can travel to other dimensions, especially his own.
  • Split Up: Equinoxer can split into two beings, but both constantly bicker and argue with each other.


  • Frozen Legs: If Equinoxer's legs are frozen then he cant' move. Such a big shock!
  • Distraction: Equinoxer is easily distracted.
  • Himself: Really, his biggest enemy is himself.


  • Equinoxer is meant to be an obvious parody of Equalitzer.
  • He also believes himself to be some kind of god-like figure, because of how "powerful" and complex he is. Clearly this guy is insane.
  • It's unknown if he actually has a dimension, as he only seems to mention it as being better than somebody else's dimension, but we never actually get to see it.