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Doomguy (GyaosKing485) was a bad joke character who was notorious for being an obvious attempt at trying to diss the Undertale fanbase and Undertale itself, as well as trying to piss off the Halo fanbase and Halo itself. As his name suggests, he was used by GyaosKing485.


This version of Doomguy who unlike his real counterpart (who is actually nice and went to the pits of Hell to fight off some demons to save his pet bunny), this "joke character" incarnation was a far cry from that, being as brutal and sociopathic as possible.


He attempted to kill off SANESSS with his chainsaw and to destroy Memeland while proclaiming "RIP AND TEAR". He was so widely disliked due to his obvious potshots at the Undertale fanbase, completely out of character behaviour, poor attempts of shock humor and of course threatening to kill SANESSS, he has never been seen since. Ironically, he ended up becoming the final nail for GyaosKing485, causing his permaban.

Whatever became of this Doomguy is unknown, but given that GyaosKing485 was banned, he was most likely either retconned or was killed by SANESSS's and Red God Ty-Dawg's forces.


  • Chainsaw: Doomguy (GyaosKing485) had a chainsaw that he could use in combat, albeit he only used it briefly.


"RIP AND TEAR!" ~ his repeated line


The notorious "Kill Yourself" image.

  • He is the first (and so far only) bad joke character to get a user banned (in this case, the user who used himself; GyaosKing485.)
  • Prior to trying to kill SANESSS, he was also somewhat used by GyaosKing485 to try to start a flamewar on chat by stating that he was far superior to Master Chief from Halo. This sparked a flamewar of course, only for GyaosKing485 (the instigator of it all) to leave half-way through the argument, thus proving he just wanted to start a riot.


The infamous paste