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Czall was an evil guy with a pseudo-Aztec sounding name and was the guy who Vennos recruited to help get REVENGE on FoxMask in the infamous New York City/Rise of the Ripoffs arc.


Czall first appeared when Vennos recruited him to help him (Vennos) out get revenge on FoxMask for humiliating him back in Detroit (as he does a find job of doing that himself). Czall said that he'd take care of FoxMask with his most devious and grand plan yet---a plan so GREAT AND DEVASTATING that it'd make FoxMask wet his pants in fear for sure! His plan ripoff the Dark Knight Rises and takeover New York City! THE FIEND! Anyways, Czall then took action right aways, but not before shooing away some mechanical Kamen Rider bird or something. As Czall went down to New York City and instantly freed some prisoners by blowing up Riker's Island, then some Kamen Riders appeared to stop him and ACCESS DENIED; THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED

Errrrr, as we were saying, instead of that, Czall then just went down and freed some prisoners, blew up some bridges and destroying all of the subway systems and so on. Czall then disappeared from most of the rest of the RP completely, letting Elite Worker takeover. I guess even he got bored of this. Czall then showed up later at the end of the RP where and he several prisoners went to watch the Dark Knight Rises in the theaters, pretty much confirming that this plot was indeed a ripoff. Czall later made a brief appearance in another RP watching progress of what the prisoners were doing at New York City, essentially going "Good...good...". Then after that, the whole RP was rendered non-canon and Czall never appeared again, making his fate unknown.


Czall was seemingly a devious mastermind and a "Magnificent Bastard" of sorts, judging by all the comments the characters say about him. Character shilling aside, despite his apparent high intellect, he wasn't really all that bright and lacked creativity and simply just plagirized off of the The Dark Knight Rises plot, making all of the comments about look rather awkward and funny in hindsight.


  • Intellect: Czall was apparently super s-m-r-t.
  • Plagirism: Czall's real superpower, Czall could plagirize anything he wanted it seemed, and chose to go with guess what?


  • His name sounds awfully close to "Ceoxal"...
  • While his name is most likely pronounced as "zall", Gallibon the Destroyer likes to pronounce it as "KA-Zall".
  • It's not actually known what he was supposed to be, either an alien, a superhuman, a kaiju, or demon or what have it.