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ClownMask (ピエロマスク PieroMasuku) is a clown-based ink-creature/Shadowblood and an RP joke character used and conceptualized by Gallibon the Destroyer.


ClownMask is a colorful, cheery, goofy and light-hearted clown ink creature whose job is to cheer up everyone and give laughs. He is not capable of speech (or at least doesn't choose to) and instead speaks with emoticons.


ClownMask's history is currently mostly not that known as of now, as ClownMask is fairly new and all, but he likes to go around place to place (or really wherever he feels to go) in order to give laughs and to act funny.

Abilities & Arsenal

  • Shadow Manipulation: ClownMask presumably has control over shadow energy.
  • Ink Manipulation: ClownMask has control over ink energy.
    • Ink Mimicry: ClownMask can turn into ink blots.
    • Ink Bombs: ClownMask can shoot out powerful blasts of ink to fire at.
  • Balloons: ClownMask has balloons!
    • Balloon Travel: ClownMask can fly in the air and travel with balloons.
    • Balloon Creation: ClownMask can create balloons.
  • Water Spray Flower: ClownMask can spray streams of water from his flower that he can occasionally wear on his chest. This is more of nuisance if anything however.
  • Noise Horn: ClownMask can create loud noises from his horn.
  • Pies: ClownMask can throw pies at his opponents's faces and also to entertain.
  • Bombs: ClownMask can throw bombs and can use them either for show or actual combat.
  • Enhanced Acrobatics: ClownMask has enhanced acrobatics, being very athletic and capable of performing many seemingly impossible to do tasks.
  • Fourth Wall Awareness: ClownMask is aware of the fourth wall.


  • The idea of ClownMask came from an idea of a "Shadowblood wannabe" and from a talk with ShodaiGoro on chat.
  • He is largely based off the silent cartoon film character Koko the Clown.
  • ClownMask isn't actually a true Shadowblood; as he is actually an ink creature who just so happens to resemble a Shadowblood.