Burger King Ghidorah (バーガー キングギドラ Bāgā Kingu Gidora) is a food-based Ghidorah and a joke RP character conceptualized and used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Burger King Ghidorah is focused on one thing and one thing only----okay two things actually; making lots of food and destroying stuff too, but it's chiefly about cooking food. Arrogant, destructive, and very critical when it comes to baking food, Burger King Ghidorah is basically one lethal fast food chef you don't want to meet.


Somewhere out in a space, a Ghidorah flips burgers and creates French Fries--and that Ghdidorah is Burger King Ghidorah! Traveling through out the stars in order to send out and deliver many fast foods (as well as cause chaos along the way) Burger King Ghidorah is going out and coming to planet near you to serve and DESTROY YOU!


  • Condiment Beams: Burger King Ghidorah can fire a different set of beams from all heads; his right can fire a ketchup beam, his right head can fire a mustard beam and his middle head can fire a mayonnaise beam. They are average in terms of strength.
  • Frying Pan Tails: Burger King Ghidorah's two tails have have frying pans at the bottom instead of some spikes and can be used to smack and bash against his opponents in the face.
  • Flight: Burger King Ghidorah can fly at fast speeds, just like other Ghidorahs.
  • Ever Changing Apron: Burger King Ghidorah's apron always changes phrases whenever he is feeling a different emotion.


  • Burger King Ghidorah is also known as "FoodGhido" to some (it's also his original name).
  • Originally he had two more heads that could fire out more condiment beams, but they were cut because five heads didn't seem right.
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