Bill Cipher i-wai-what the he-NO-IT'S HI-Oh hello hello ladies and gentleman and all other 14 million genders! Welcome puny insignificant beings to my page, name's Cipher, Bill Cipher! Hey GTK, nice edits! Yeah i broke that wall! Pizza for all, weirdmageddon has begun again! AND NO ONE WILL STOP ME ELSE I'LL STUFF THEIR BELLIES WITH HOT DOGS AND MAKE THEM FATTER THAN I MADE SONIC, THEN I'LL SHUFFLE THE FUNCTIONS OF ALL THEIR ORGANS AND REMOVE THEIR TEETH COLLECTIVELY AND MAKE THEM MY OWN THRONE OF HILARIOUS HUMAN AGONY! Anyways, *cough cough* i hope you enjoyed this little intro, now i'll just be taking over this reality!

Sorry Bill, but you're going back home. We already have enough naroks as it is, we don't need WZRPNarok 3.0 Weirdmaggedon edition. Now get the fuck outta vernonn's city, which is effectively the whole universe so therefore EVERYTHING! ~Run, It's Gojira! | Skreeonk!

and then bill was banished back to the mindscape.

Bill the mindscape...AWWWW C'MON I WAS GONNA GIVE YA PIZZA WITH EXTRA PINEAPPLE, WITH A 99999999999999999999999% DISCOUNT!

Pizza DESTROYED. Apologies, Bill, But Considering We literally just had WZRPNarok 2.0 and Vernonn already took over, we really don't need WZRPNarok 3.0 Weirdmaggedon edition. Not only have you not done A Single Thing to warrant me allowing you into the joke RPVerse, but literally every character on here is infinitely stronger then you - The Creation trio of Sanesss, Red God Ty-Dawg and darth senate come to mind. Don't be mistaken in believing I don't know what you did the last time, in Oregon, either. It's already A Problem enough that you're in the main RPVerse, so I'm not letting you into the joke RPVerse. How do I know you didn't place something in that pizza that would do questionable things to me, like I don't know, Contort me into god knows what shape? TThat level of trolling is definitely in your range. Goodbye, Bill. Cuttting contact with you effective NOW. ~Run, It's Gojira! | Skreeonk!

WELL THEN...i'll just drink soup! W-wait a minute! *There's a mini bill in the soup screaming* "Don't drink my pool!" Darnit, i can't drink this! *throws soup away* Guess imma just *calls for a pizza* Oh that was quick *pizza had teleported in his hands* Well *opens the box* Wait...this isn't pizza it's just a time vortex! *calls the pizza shop again* Hey tha-wait what do you mean it's already there *knocking on the door, opens it to find another Bill with a pizza delivery hat* Well hey there handsome! "Oh well hello you too!" I hope i don't find a time vortex in thereeee "Oh you won't" No seriously if i do i'll destroy you "Well that's a shame we're the same being!" *Pizza Bill disappears and so does the pizza, Bill then just stands there before saying* I am incredibly lonely.

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