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The Attack of the kodeibus is an event that took place on 8/8/2018 (Ironic date). The main importance of the date is that it is the day gojiratheking of this wiki unleashed kodeibus into every game ever. They have been slowly infecting them since.


In the main WZRP chat, Gojira unleashed kodeibus into every game in existence, ever. They are slowly infecting them all. The infection started with MUGEN, Doki Doki literature club and sonic the hedgehog (1991).

In DDLC, Monika was in an classroom as the sun was setting, however, an voice was heard. "Jusht Weibu."

Monika tried to exit the game, but the kodeibu renamed monika.char to shiddyshwabe.char.

Monika tried to run, but kodeibu took "mishter wibbon" from monika, just to be safe.

In "Sonic The Hedgehog", Kodeibu replaces sonic, on the title screen and in game, shaking an anyaru instead of waving an finger.

In MUGEN, Kodeibu replaces every instance of suave dude (renamed to suave deibu, as it's A kodeibu dressed as suave dude or suave dude in the style of kodeibu) and his minions (simply referred to as kodeibus) in kung fu man's storyline. It seems to have no effect on anything else, however - most likely due to the nature of how characters and stages work under MUGEN as both A game and A engine.

Infected Games

These are the known games that can be infected by kodeibus. Check your copy if you haven't already for kodeibu signs.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Doki Doki Literature Club

Signs kodeibu has infected your game

Characters being replaced by kodeibus, yukkuris, and the like.

Random files being replaced or created within and outside the game's code and directories , with names like "kodeibu.png" or "kodeibu.exe"

Sprites and graphics being changed

Kodeibus appearing in the game, messing with the characters.

Characters interacting with kodeibus, even making voiceclips and text boxes, triggering cutscenes and events as if kodeibu was intentionally added or always there.