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*The attack is dodged* is meme and infamous phrase used by GyaosKing485. While dodging has (obviously) existed in RP and other stuff before, this certain case of dodging has become a meme due it's constant spam.


"*The attack is dodged*''s exact first appearance is unknown, as given that GyaosKing485 used it so much, it's hard to pinpoint as to when or where it was done. However, it's first appearance was most likely during when Gallibon the Destroyer had the misfortune of having to deal with GyaosKing485 into RP where he was pitted to fight against his Necrozma (or rather in name-only incarnation, as this thing was basically just an OP crystal monster) vs Gallibon's Coyote Tango and Death Battle Godzilla. It then appeared again in the absolutely bullshit fight between Bionic Gyaos and CenturyKeizer-Ghidorah. But perhaps it's most infamous uses was during Gildefrum vs. an OP crystal monster, in where it was 70% of the crystal monster's fighting and was spammed over and over and finally during the Sailor Fighter and Kamen Rider Black vs. the generic demon edgelord fight, in where it was spammed even MORE. It got to the point that there was enough dodges that it took up a single page (small) page's worth. It appeared more often later on, but ceased sometime around in June 2017, probably because people were more savvy at this point.


"*The attack is dodged*" has ever since become a meme within the WZRP community, often used jokingly after long and detailed posts in where a character sends out a powerful attack or whenever somebody fights back in general.

There are also some joke variants such as "*The attack is dodged*"*The attack is dodged*"*The attack is dodged*"*The attack is dodged*"*The attack is dodged*", "*the dodge is attacked", or "dodges from the attack*".


  • Ironically, this is the only meme that GyaosKing had that actually DID become a meme, albeit, he did not want/intend for it become one, as he instead focused on some forced memes (that nobody even remembers at this point anyways).